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Welcome to China Trips

China is one of the most exotic places in the world and one of those who everybody want to travel once in a lifetime. Its culture, cuisine, traditions and celebrations are just one example of those details that you draw from China.

Officially called Republic of China is situated in eastern Asia and is the world's most populous country with around 1,300 million. In your journey you will discover, among other things, the delights of food, the world's most mChina Tripsodern cities such as Beijing and Shanghai, and multitude of traditions.


On this site you will find all the turist information you need for your trip to China, we have from travel deals, information on restaurants, hotels, recomendations on major tourist destinations, tours guides in english for you do not miss any detail of every monuments and museums, history, beautiful beaches and delicious cruise on each major city.

China Trips

As you can see provides comprehensive information, so plan your trip in advance and find the best deals on flights, tours and packages for your unforgettable holiday in China.